Month: December 2008

Jan Erik Svendsen

Jan Erik Svendsen, a fellow photographer here in Oslo, Norway, has redesigned and updated his website. He has a lot of good work, so check it out.

Chris Damien Doll

Chris Damien Doll

Chris Damien Doll

Just a test of the Shadowbox plugin (and another reminder of the upcoming Trashcan Darlings concert!). I have also updated this post with Ronny Pøbel, check it out.

My plan is to show larger images!

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The Carburetors – Rock’n’Roll Forever, album cover

The Carburetors - Rock'n'Roll Forever, cover

Cover for Euopean release for The Carburetors: Rock’n’Roll Forever. Digipack, silver spot colour (bad and difficult scanning, of course). Cover design/artwork by The Carburetors and Nadine Sauerland.

Photo appeared first time on Scream Magazine (see under) and on several posters and merchandise.

Scream Magazine cover page

Drummer + fisheye = true!

Slim Slammer, Los PlantronicsSimen Mormone, The Mormones

Copyright Espen Stranger Seland
Slim Slammer, Los Plantronics and Simen Mormone, The Mormones. Click for larger images at Flickr (I’m going to install Shadowbox one day).