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Composite image

This is a concert photo consisting of two composite images. The first focus point is on the guitarist’s fingertip, the next on his face. Both images had shallow depth (DOF), taken at f/2.8. As you can see, the hand behind the finger is out of focus, so this image is obviously manipulated with it’s “dual DOF”.

The Carburetors

Fast Forward Rock-n-Roll: Guitarist Stian Krogh, The Carburetors at John Dee, Oslo, Norway, 2009-05-16

Thanks to guitarist Stian for giving me 2-3 seconds to do some refocusing! More images from this concert at my Flickr-stream.

HDR in concert photography?

This is the closest I could get, and my only try. You can’t see the band either, so I guess it’s a “fail”. The photo is composed by two images, hand held, taken with high speed bracketing. Some movement can be seen. I’ll try to make a tone mapped photo of an artist on stage this summer.


Elephant9, Øyafestivalen

I’m not a big fan of “HDR” and tone mapping, especially if you can see tone mapping has been used. You should read the article Cooking Vegetables by Mike Johnston.

Later I will post another “cheat”, a composite concert photo to show greater DOF.

Nick Oliveri and Hank von Hell… and captions!

Captions. What is a good caption? How long should it be? Does it have to explain everything? Very often I don’t write much, maybe just the person, place and date.

Nick Oliveri and Hank von Hell

Nick Oliveri, known from Queens of the Stone Age, does a guest appearance with Turbonegro, the Norwegian death punk band playing their album Apocalypse Dudes from start to end at Øya Festival 2008, Oslo, Norway 2008-08-07. Oliveri sang "Back to Dungaree High" and "Nervous Breakdown," the latter a Black Flag cover. Copyright Espen Stranger Seland / seland.org

Any good tips to what makes a good photojournalistic caption?

Maybe this example with Nick Oliveri and Hertis is a tad too much, but maybe not. Feel free to leave some comments or links.