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Bilder tatt med Fujifilm X100. Dette er en samleside og vil bli oppdatert nå og da.


Ensjø. Eller Nedre Valle, om du vil.

Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York City. Påsken 2012.

Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York City. Påsken 2012.

Composite image

This is a concert photo consisting of two composite images. The first focus point is on the guitarist’s fingertip, the next on his face. Both images had shallow depth (DOF), taken at f/2.8. As you can see, the hand behind the finger is out of focus, so this image is obviously manipulated with it’s “dual DOF”.

The Carburetors

Fast Forward Rock-n-Roll: Guitarist Stian Krogh, The Carburetors at John Dee, Oslo, Norway, 2009-05-16

Thanks to guitarist Stian for giving me 2-3 seconds to do some refocusing! More images from this concert at my Flickr-stream.

HDR in concert photography?

This is the closest I could get, and my only try. You can’t see the band either, so I guess it’s a “fail”. The photo is composed by two images, hand held, taken with high speed bracketing. Some movement can be seen. I’ll try to make a tone mapped photo of an artist on stage this summer.


Elephant9, Øyafestivalen

I’m not a big fan of “HDR” and tone mapping, especially if you can see tone mapping has been used. You should read the article Cooking Vegetables by Mike Johnston.

Later I will post another “cheat”, a composite concert photo to show greater DOF.

Nick Oliveri and Hank von Hell… and captions!

Captions. What is a good caption? How long should it be? Does it have to explain everything? Very often I don’t write much, maybe just the person, place and date.

Nick Oliveri and Hank von Hell

Nick Oliveri, known from Queens of the Stone Age, does a guest appearance with Turbonegro, the Norwegian death punk band playing their album Apocalypse Dudes from start to end at Øya Festival 2008, Oslo, Norway 2008-08-07. Oliveri sang "Back to Dungaree High" and "Nervous Breakdown," the latter a Black Flag cover. Copyright Espen Stranger Seland / seland.org

Any good tips to what makes a good photojournalistic caption?

Maybe this example with Nick Oliveri and Hertis is a tad too much, but maybe not. Feel free to leave some comments or links.